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1080P 24GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Detection System Obstacle Detection

PSA25, HD261D, FHD639

STONKAM® 1080P 24GHz Radar Detection System is built on millimeter wave technology allowing for good performance in all weathers. It’s highly helpful for obstacle detection when reverse or park and widely used in large vehicles such as trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural machine.


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  • This radar detection kit includes a 1080P camera (FHD-639) and a monitor (HD-261D)

  • Support high definition 1080P input and output

  • 24GHz Millimeter-wave Radar technology 

  • Detection Range: 0.1~20m (0.33ft—65.6ft) 

  • CVBS and AHD Image alarm overlapping 

  • Detection distance and alarm mode can be set on the computer by connecting the control box to computer with a USB to UART conversion cable 

  • Support Wi-Fi connection, users can configure the detection distance and alarm mode by computer or mobile phone  

  • All-weather operations; work 24 hours


24.00 ~ 24.20GHz

Transmitter Type


Power Supply

10 to 32V DC

Detection Range

Detection length limit 0.1~20m, up to 5 detection zones(distance of each zone can be configured )

Detection Zone Visualization

Green (furthest), Yellow(middle), Red (closest)

Detection Tolerance

+/- 30 cm

Antenna Beam Angle

100° (Horizontal), 40° (Vertical)

Trigger Input ×1

Trigger from vehicle, high active

Range above +10Vdc, up to supply voltage

Alarm Output ×1

Switched to Ground when activated

Loading up to 1.0A

Video format

CVBS(PAL、NTSC), AHD(720P 25fps/30fps、1080P 25fps/30fps)

Wi-Fi module


Operating Temperature

-20 ~ +70°C 

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ +80°C

IP Protection

IP69K (sensor),IP66(Control Box)

Vibration Rating



Sensor: 106.6(W) ×72.6(H) ×32.4(D) mm

Control Box: 152.6(W) ×89.2(H) ×53.8(D) mm


151.9Grams (sensor),  240Grams (control box)


Two (4.5mm) diameter mounting holes (sensor)

Four (6mm) diameter mounting holes (control box)




Why do you need to install an obstacle radar detection system?

Is it useful?

The answer is certainly yes! With a radar detection system for obstacle detection/reversing/parking, the following problems can all be solved.


  • How to avoid collision and crash when parking / starting in a small garage?

  • How to deal with the blind spot of the rear view mirror where vehicles cannot be seen before change the lane?

  • What to do in heavy rains, fog and dark night lights when visibility is limited?

  • How to initiatively be alerted to the danger when reversing or parking? ......





Do not forget! Trucks have blind spots.

Due to their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than the average cars. This means truck drivers may not be able to see you. So for everyone’s safety, be cautious when driving next to, or behind a truck.

To Be Truck Aware, Come to STONKAM® Millimeter Wave Radar Alarm System for A Security Solution.




STONKAM® 1080P 24GHz  Radar Detection System


It is a reliable obstacle detection radar using microwave techonology, applied for heavy vehicles. This radar sensors kit can provide visual and audible alert to operators to avoid potential danger and allow them to take proper actions in advance.


STONKAM® 1080P 24 GHz Reversing Radar System



STONKAM® 24GHz radar detection system adopts microwave technology; it won’t be affected by weather conditions and can work 24 hours.

STONKAM® Parking Radar System-Can Work in All Weathers



Long detection range, high sensitivity, max detection range of 20m.

STONKAM® 24GHz Automotive Radar Detection System-20m Detection Distance



Distance of each zone and detection range can be both customized





No Object Detected



Object in Zone 5



Object in Zone 4



Object in Zone 3



Object in Zone 2



Object in Zone 1


Constant tone




STONKAM® 1080P Radar System is greatly helpful for reversing and parking, and it’s widely used in large vehicles like trucks, construction machinery, and agricultural machine.

STONKAM® 24GHz Automotive Radar Detection System




STONKAM® 1080P Automotive Radar Alarm System-Connection

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