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360° 3D Around-View System with Radar System for Blind Spots

BVA17, HD263D, FHD808, BSA09

360° Around View Driving Assistance System provides a true 360° panoramic bird-view, monitoring with no blind spot to ensure driving safety. It adopts panoramic image synthesis technology, which can simulate a 3D real driving scene. It features easy installation and automatic calibration which is specially designed for transportation such as truck, bus, emergency vehicles. Combining with radar detection system, it can greatly improve driving security.


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  • 1080P full HD video input and output, providing a real-time image with screen layback down to 150ms

  • One-minute Automatic Calibration, saving time and work

  • 3D/2D switchable image as well as optional landscape and portrait, satisfying all kinds of need

  • Video Recording: 2 x 512GB SD cards, supporting ultra-capacitor to secure the video file

  • Featuring FCW function, no extra camera or installation

  • Provide super rear view camera with 3D technology, covering all the lanes to achive a more secure lane merge

  • Quickly and smoothly pop up the single-view image with low latency

  • Support RTSP video output

  • Compatible with radars and parking sensors, supporting real-time video and audio overlay to actively warn the drivers to avoid obstacles and other potential dangers

  • Support IP camera, connect more cameras, provide more views

  • Compatible with pedestrian detection cameras to have audio reminder

  • Operating temperature -20ºC ~ +70ºC

  • Low-lux night vision: still visible under 0.1lux with no need of Infrared light

  • GPS tracking optional

  • Support 12 channels radar detection (Contact for details)

  • Front / rear sensor detecting range: 0.60~5.00m (1.97ft --- 16.4ft), side sensor detecting range: 0.60~3.00m (1.97ft --- 9.8ft)

  • Real-time display of the obstacle distance

360° 3D Around-View System 

Input video


Display mode




Output Refresh rate



Max. 2×512GB SD card

Compressed encoding

Max. 4CH×1080P H.264 encoding

Video stream


Operating voltage


Operating voltage range for external trigger signals


Operating electric current


Operating temperature


Storage temperature

–40℃ ~85℃

Operating humidity



Radar System for Blind Spots





Altera Cyclone IV、ADI


Video input


CVBS output

1CH 4pin aviation connector output PAL/NSTC

Video standard



Detecting Distance

0.60m---5.00m(1.97ft --- 16.4ft)

Best Detecting Distance

0.60m---3.00m(1.97ft --- 9.8ft)

Display Unit

M or FT (Optional)

Number of Sensors

6 pcs or 12 pcs

Color of Sensors


Ultrasonic Frequency

40kHz±1.5 kHz




Alarm output



Trigger input

High active(DC 10-32V)

Trigger output

Connect to GND when active, float when inactive


Video input

1 channel

Video output

1 channel

Trigger input

1 channel

Trigger output

1 channel

Buzzer output

1 channel

Radar input

6 pcs or 12 pcs

Electrical spec

Power Supply

DC 10-18V

Operating temp. & humidity

-20~70 degree/ <90%

Video input impedance


Video output voltage

1Vpp CVBS output




Why do you need STONKAM® 360°Around View Driving Assistance System?

Aftermarket Surround View Camera System-The Necessity

Potential dangers hidden among blind areas.

Possibility of scratching in narrow roads while no one shares the cost.

Situation of racketeer for car accident keeps increasing.

Indeterminate responsibility for rear-end collision.



Unignorable Vehicle Blind Spots

Among all road accidents, those caused by blind spots have taken up a large proportion, which is a great threat to our lives.

Around View System-blind spot


It turns out that although A, B or C area is normally not a blind area, lower part of the high vehicle could actually formulate a blind area.

Around View System-blind spot


Area A, B, C: Half blind area

Severity of danger depends on the vehicle size.




Area D: Full blind area

Beyond the sight of the driver and 3 rear view mirrors.



Area E: Full blind area

Pillar A near the windshield hinders the vision, which creates the blind spots.



Watch Out for Truck’s Blind Spots!

Due to their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than the average car, which means truck drivers may not be able to see you. So for everyone’s safety, be cautious when driving next to, or behind a truck.




STONKAM® 360° Surround View System Complete Safeguard Your Driving!



360° Seamless Stitching

Support 4CH/6CH/8CH inputs, 360° Around View Driving Assistance System can realize true 360° panoramic bird-view, monitoring with no blind spot to ensure driving safety.

360 around view monitor system



The Front-view Camera Also Applied for FCW

Support Forward Collision Warning without extra camera, saving time and money. With forward collision warning technology, the system can intelligently and accurately analyse the distance and relative speed between the vehicle and the preceding vehicle, estimate the potential risk of rear-end collision, and send warnings to the driver to avoid accidents.

around view monitor



Panoramic Image Synthesis Technology

Panoramic image synthesis technology: The 4CH 1080P full HD images are seamlessly stitched after distortion correction, and then rendered into 3D scene to simulate the real driving scene.

around view monitoring system



3D and 2D Switchable

3D 360° around view image system supports two viewing modes, 3D and 2D switchable. And the landscape and portrait are also selectable.  

around view monitor system



Quick and Smooth Start-up, RTSP Feed Support

From boot to image display, the single-view image pop uquickly and smoothly with low latency. It supports third-party equipment to obtain the 360° around view image through the RTSP protocol, in order to achieve the integration of the panoramic images, with latency less than 250ms.

around view camera system



Large Field of View (Super Rear View Vision)

Most 3D around view driving assistance products would present the driving scene with a vehicle of solid image where the traffic view behind is blocked out and not clearly showed. 3D 360° Around View Driving Assistance System can use transparent vehicle model to provide a full view of the road condition, totally clearing off the blind spot behind the vehicle. Meanwhile, the bird view can show a larger field of view on both left and right of the vehicle, providing one more driveway scene than the similar products in the market, which greatly enhances the driving safety.

360 around view monitor system



Simplified and Quick Calibration

The 360 system comes with automatic calibration, which can be done in 1 minute through the touch screen or remote control. Only four calibration mats are needed, and they can be placed randomly to achieve accurate calibration.

1080P hd around view system



Video Recording 2 × 128GB SD cards

1080P hd around view system




Transmission rate

Recording time

1280 x 720


2 x 512 GB





Low Light Night Vision

360°Around View Driving Assistance System’s camera can provide low light night vision with which the driver can have a clear around view of the road even when the light is insufficient. No need for Infrared light and the night vision can cover the whole 360° around view.  



Compatible with Radar and Parking Sensor System

The 360 system is compatible with radars and parking sensors, supporting real-time video and audio overlay to actively warn the drivers to avoid obstacles and other potential dangers.

360 AVS with radar




3D hd 360 degree surround view & Bird View System-Application




3D hd 360 degree surround view

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