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AI BOX-Vehicle Edge Computing Smart Box


STONKAM AI BOX is a Vehicle Edge Computing Smart Box, which adopts multi-core processor and neural network inference engine. It integrates algorithms and applications, supporting AHD/TVI/CVBS vehicle cameras, and setup intelligent algorithm analysis according to the scenario, such as APC, ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360 and others; The applications can be extended and upgraded through the AI algorithm library to meet the need to monitor all abnormal conditions on the road and collect the data for a comprehensive fleet management.


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【AI Algorithms】We integrate multiple algorithms such as APC, ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360, meanwhile support integration of customer self-developed algorithms to meet the needs.

【High compatibility】Support AHD/TVI/CVBS cameras

【Displaying image within 8 seconds】Fast startup, displaying image within 8 seconds, the fastest speed up to 2 seconds

【Dual coding】Support H.264/H.265 coding, improving the usage of storage space and wireless network traffic

【Video recording function】Support multiple modes of triggering recording, such as boot triggering recording, timing triggering recording, motion triggering recording, etc., and support 15 seconds of pre-recording, convenient to obtain evidence

【Fleet management】PC/mobile terminal remote real-time monitoring, historical track and video query, dangerous events can be uploaded to the vehicle monitoring platforms to achieve efficient fleet management

【DVIR Compliance】Address driver vehicle inspection needs to ensure fleet safety compliance

【Support API expansion】MDVR can be linked to the server to provide API for customers to realize the docking with customer systems.

【Convenient operation】Support HD touch screen control, IR remote control, and flat human-device interaction interface, convenient for customers to operate

【Multi-function access】Integration for Radar, OBD, voice intercom, speed, tire pressure, fuel consumption, temperature, door switch, vehicle weight, vibrator and other sensors access is available

Video input

4CH 1080P

Video standard




Video output


Total resources

1080P 120FPS

Audio input


Audio compression


Image quality

1~8 level adjustable

Video bit rate


Storage consumption


Playback resolution


Audio bit rate



SD card * 2, max 512GB

Alarm input


Alarm output














LTE module






Attitude sensor


Power supply

less than 15W (without camera)

Operating temp. & humidity

-20~70℃, RH 80%MAX




Have you ever been disturbed by following questions?
Where to find the perfect fleet management solution?
How to achieve abnormal situations' monitoring of people, vehicle, and road?
How can we quickly provide evidence when encountering accidents or thefts? 

Intelligent AI MDVR System




Vehicle AI box solves all your concerns with its high performance of the AI algorithms


STONKAM vehicle AI box integrates APC, ADAS, DMS and 360 algorithms for various application scenarios such as city buses, tourist buses, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics trucks, fire engines, emergency vehicles, buses. When it comes to fleet management of these vehicles, our AI box delivers a professional solution with its  high performance, securirty guarantee, integration compatibility and customization capability.

Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR with ADAS & DMS



Latest AI technology, able to achieve multiple algorithms and functions

Integrating APC/ADAS+DMS+BSD/360 algorithms, the AI box is very efficient in processing multi-channel AI tasks and identifying different types of targets in real time, and thus is an excellent driving assistance. Since we also suppport algorithm customization, customers can even put their own algorithm disnide and make it run with the others to handle all sorts of applications.

Intelligent AI MDVR System

Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR with ADAS & DMS



High compatibility makes it possible to support AHD/TVI/CVBS cameras

It supports multiple interface protocols, that's why any AHD/TVI/CVBS standard camera has access to it. All we need is simple configuration on the AI box menu.



Fast startup speed, displaying images within 8 seconds

Startup speed is greatly optimized, displaying images within 8 seconds, reducing unnecessary waiting time (able to be customized, even up to 2s displaying).

Intelligent MDVR system



HD real-time monitoring & Strong recording function

FHD image, supporting IPC and thermal imager input and RTSP video output; Support user-defined resolution, able to preview or backtrack the videos/pictures at any time; Support multiple modes of triggering recording, DMS/ADAS/BSD alarm with full function; Support 2x SD card, max 512GB.

Intelligent Video Analysis Box AI-BOX



Efficient fleet management

Support PC or mobile remote control; Support real-time positioning, historical track query, remote download recording, electronic fence and other special functions; Dangerous driving events and abnormal vehicle staus can be uploaded to fleet monitoring platform; Support rapid customization development to meet customer needs. Achieve data platform management and enable fleet management

Car AI Box



DVIR Compliance Addresses Driver Vehicle Inspection Need

The MDVR system helps drivers conduct daily vehicle inspections and automatically generates reports to streamline the inspection process and ensure fleet safety compliance.

DVIR Compliance



Support API to realize the interface with customer's system

MDVR could be linked to the server to provide API for customers to realize the interface with customer systems. Customers can either use our client or connect to their own system through the API. Thus, data exchange and information sharing could be achieved.



Data security is guaranteed

SSL encryption and https secure transmission available, supporting Amazon S3 storage to ensure data security; Support supercapacitor power failure protection to prevent data file loss caused by sudden power failure

AI Vehicle Smart Box



Humanistic design and operation is more convenient

Support offline operations and offline device parameters configuration, notification function and record result processing; Direct WIFI connection and convenient preview through mobile; Support HD touch screen control and IR remote control, and interface operation is more convenient for customers

Intelligent Video Analysis Box AI-BOX



Support other multi-function access  

Microwave radar, ultrasonic radar, OBD, voice intercom, speed, tire pressure, fuel consumption, temperature, door switch, vehicle weight, vibrator and other sensors available, ensuring safe driving





STONKAM 4CH AI intelligent MDVR all-in-one system is widely applied, able to offer professional and reliable vehicle management solution for buses, passenger cars, tourist cars, school buses and other vehicles and support  ADAS, DMS, BSD, 360 and passenger flow statisctics algorithm, guranteeing safe driving, effectively improving the operation efficiency. 

Intelligent MDVR

Intelligent MDVR system


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