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10.1 inch Intelligent Vehicle Recording Monitor


STONKAM® 10.1&quot; Intelligent Vehicle Recording Monitor for Pedestrian &amp; Vehicle Detection and Warning adopts deep learning technology, has 4-channel built-in AI algorithm, detecting pedestrian and vehicles all around the vehicle to remind drivers of potential risks and avoid collision, improving driving safety! Meanwhile, it carries GPS/Wi-Fi/4G function,can record HD real-time video and suppoprt cyclic recording without external DVR, with its storage room up to 2 x 512GB (micro SD) + 1*2T (SSD).This helps improve fleet management efficiency. Moreover, t he monitor is IP66 waterproof, capable of working outdoors in rainy and snowy days.


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【Support Recording】Support 2 x 512GB micro SD card + 2T SSD hard drive storage and cycle recording to ensure that the video recording is never uninterrupted.
【IP66 Waterproof]】Works under all weather considtions, even in in rain and snow.
【AI Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection】Built-in 4-channel AI algorithm to detect and alarm on pedestrians and vehicles in the blind spot to remind drivers.
【DVR and MonitorTwo-in-One】Built-in GPS/Wi-Fi/4G, reslize remote fleet monitoring and management, easy and efficient.
【Data security】Lock for memory slot, password login required to access recording menu.
【IPS Screen】Pixel 1024x600, high contrast, high brightness, authentic colours, so you can get clearer, sharper and more detailed pictures.        
【Multi-split Display Mode】Support 4-channel 1080P AHD camera input, multiple display modes (single screen,split-view, quad-view, etc.), so we get different views to aassist driving.
【Convenient operation】Touch screen operation, easy to operate.


650 cd/m2

LCD Dimension




Viewing Angle

U: 85°/ D: 85°, R/L: 85°

Aspect Ratio




Number of colours supported


Waterproof Rating



ISO 16750-3

Video Input

 4-channel camera input, support mutiple resolutions (1080P25/1080P30/720P25/720P30/PAL/NTSC)


2*Micro SD(512G) + 1*SSD(2T)

Operating Temperature

-20 ~ +70℃

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ +80℃

Power Consumption

Max. 30W



Power Supply

DC 10V-32V



Have you ever met the following problems?

How to know if there are pedestrians or vehicles in the blind spot and avoid a collision?
How to provide evidence for traffic accidents?
How to check vehicle position and monitoring footage in real time?
How to maske sure we get a clear view even in  rain and snow?
Can we use a single monitor to achieve efficient fleet management and intelligent driving warning?


In-vehicle monitoring display




STONKAM® 10.1" Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection and Warning Intelligent Vehicle Video Surveillance Monitor Solution
Smarter  safer  more cost-effective




Large-capacity video storage to ensure uninterrupted recording

Support video recording, with 2*512GB micro SD and 1*2TB SSD storage; Support automatic loop recording, which means new records  overwrite the earliest videos when the storage is full. In this way, recording will be forever on going and obtain  reliable  driving records for accident investigation, dispute resolution and driving analysis when necessary.

In-vehicle monitoring display



IP69K waterproof, workable even in rain and snow

IP69K waterproof, workable even in rain and snow

Vehicle Video Monitor



Pedestrian & vehicle detection, intelligent driving assistance

Use adopts deep learning technology, contributing to accurate pedestrian & vehicle detection. It can detect people around such as cyclists, motocyclists, and pedestrians to assist large vehicle drivers in safe driving, avoiding potential injuries to the vulnerables. 

Multi-function display for vehicle



Two-in-one that combines in-vehicle DVR and monitor, make your driving safer

No need of  external DVR, with built-in GPS/Wi-Fi/4G, you can easily track  vehicle location, receive surveillance images and data at any time through wireless network for remotemonitoring and vehicle management.

Multi-function display for vehicle



Data security is guaranteed

Memory slot  lock and account password login provide double protection for data  storage and access

Vehicle-specific display



10.1" IPS Screen

High contrast, high brightness. It could restore the true color, presenting the brighter and more delicate display with much higher resolution.

Quad split monitor




STONKAM® 10.1-inch Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection & Early Warning Intelligent Vehicle Video Surveillance Monitor is a remarkable breakthrough in this field. It is powerful and adapts to  a wide range of applications, for example trucks, buses,  trailers, RVs, school buses, tractors, and even ships, etc., helping improve driving dafety and operation efficiency.

Vehicle Video MonitorVehicle LCD MonitorVehicle High Definition Monitor

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