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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System
Driver Fatigue Monitoring System
  • Driver behavior detection: fatigue detection, distraction detection, phone detection, smoking detection, no driver detection;
  • Driver identification;
  • High-definition (1280X720) alarm recording (20 seconds synchronous recording when alarm triggered);
  • Connected by WIFI, configuring the device through  Android APP on phone;
  • Built-in 940 infrared light, can effectively detect and remind at night and even driver wearing sunglasses;
  • Built-in 2W loudspeaker, good voice alarm effect;
  • Built-in GPS module, showing actual speed and location information;
  • Built-in WIFI module, allowing users to calibrate and set specifications. 

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System


Supply voltage

10~36V DC

Power consumption

Max 4W

External connection

4-PIN aiviation female head, can be connected to HD and FHD monitor

Built-in camera module parameters

HD 1280x720p/25f or 1280x720p/30f

Video signal CVBS output
Video coding H.264

Video record resolution

HD 1280x720/25f or 1280x720/30f

Recording parameters

The recording file is in AVI format, 128G TF card

Audio coding


WIFI module parameters

2.4G,802.11b/g/n 150Mbps

Operation temperature

-20 ~+70°C

Storage temperature

-40~85 ℃


110x86.5x64 mm






Why the Driver Fatigue Monitoring System is needed?

Driver fatigue is a main cause for a large number of vehicle accidents. 
It is particularly dangerous and it might happen to anyone, no matter how experienced a driver is.The use of Driver Fatigue Monitoring System can constantly monitor the drivers driving status, promptly give warnings upon abnormal driving behaviors, and therefore effectively reduce accidents caused by fatigue driving.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

STONKAM Driver Fatigue Monitoring System 

Make Your Driving a Wonderful Journey

STONKAM® Driver Fatigue Monitoring System, based on facial feature recognition, collects the drivers face images through the camera to locate the head posture and obtain the current face features, and then compares them with various abnormal driving behavior models in the database to identify the drivers current status. 

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System for safe driving only

If there is any abnormal driving behavior (such as fatigue, distraction, smoking, phone call), sound and light alarms will be given.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Video Recording by 128GB SD Card

When the system detects abnormal driving behaviors, it will automatically give alarms and record for about 20 seconds of 720P HD resolution on 1 x 128GB (Max.) Micro SD card.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Connect to APP via Wi-Fi

The Driver Fatigue Monitoring System can connect to the Android APP designed by STONKAM® on mobile phone via Wi-Fi. Device configuration, file uploading and other functions are available on the APP.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

Built-in GPS Enables the System to Automatically Start or Stop Working

The system records the vehicle position and vehicle speed through GPS when alarm recording occurs. And it automatically stops working when the vehicle speed is lower than 5km/h, without the need for the driver to manually turn down the system.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring System


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