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Car Parking Sensor System with Camera and Monitor


STONKAM® Parking Sensor System is a reliable blind spot alert system. It contains 4 parking sensors that are especially helpful for garage parking. Click to see more parking sensor kits. We also supply a wide range of backup cameras that can work with this system.


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  • Detection Range: 0.3~2.5m (0.98ft --- 8.2ft)

  • Integration of rear view display, barrier distance and audible alarm

  • Automatic alarm when there are obstacles, cars or persons, etc

  • Real-time display of the barrier’s direction and distance

  • Intellectual step-by-step voice-directed alarm system

  • Use high-sensitivity ultrasonic detector

  • Compatible with any types of monitors and backup cameras (standard definition)

  • Help to detect blind spot and ensure safer backing and parking

Number Of Sensors

4 PCS 

Color Of Sensors


Ultrasonic Frequency


Detecting Distance

0.30~2.50m (0.98ft --- 8.2ft)

Best Detecting Distance

0.30~1.50m (0.98ft --- 4.92ft)

Display Unit

M Or FT Optional 

Power Supply

DC 10-18V 

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~ 70℃ RH95% Max

Storage Temperature

-40℃ ~ 80℃ RH95% Max




Why do you need to install a parking sensor system?

Are they worth it?

The answer is certainly yes! With a parking sensor system, the following problems can all be solved.

How to avoid collision and crash when parking / starting in a small garage?

How to deal with the blind spot of the rear view mirror where vehicles cannot be seen before change the lane?

What to do in heavy rains, fog and dark night lights when visibility is limited?

How to initiatively be alerted to the danger when reversing or parking?




STONKAM® Car Parking Sensor System-The Necessity



Watch out! Trucks have blind spots.

Due to their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than the average car. This means truck drivers may not be able to see you. So for everyone’s safety, be cautious when driving next to, or behind a truck.

To Be Truck Aware, Come to STONKAM® Detection Sensors for a Security Solution.




STONKAM® Car Parking Sensor System initiatively alert you to the dangers, allowing you a more relaxed journey!


STONKAM® OEM Parking Sensors Available



STONKAM® parking sensors help the driver in reversing or parking, to reduce the risk of accidents and improve driving safety.

STONKAM® Parking Sensor with Camera and Monitor



STONKAM® rear parking sensors can alert the driver to the obstacles and the distance, with automatic switch between live voice and beep alarm.

STONKAM® Blind Spot Alert System-Audible Alert



The obstacle distance is shown on the screen. The maximum detection range is 2.5 meters.

STONKAM® Parking Sensors for Cars-Display Obstacle Distance




STONKAM® supplies best ODM and OEM parking sensors system that fits various vehicles.

For cars:

parking sensor




parking sensor

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