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1080P 30x zoom camera & wireless monitoring camera for crane


STONKAM® 1080P 30x zoom&wireless camera for crane is flexible in zoomming, and has AI pedestrian detection algorithm inside. The installing of such a zoom camera will make the operation of cranes easier, safer and more efficient for sure. This camera can be widely applied in port cranes for bulk cargo loading and unloading and other industrial and construction machines.


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IP69K waterproof】Optical 30x zoom mechanism, digital anti shake, capable of clear monitoring of distant targets
Flexible Zooming】 Can control zoom-in/out  and switch between manual/automatic zoom through a foot switch, improving camera working efficiency
AI Pedestrian Detection】Real time detection of pedestrians around the lifting goods to avoid accidents during operation
【300M Transmission Distance】Meet the requirements for long-distance video transmission of lifting machinery and cranes
【50M Night Distance】Equipped with 4 high-power infrared lights, ensuring 50 meter high-definition night vision for night-time site operation
【IP69K Waterproof】works under all weather considtions, even in in rain or snow
【 Quick and Easy Pairing 】Pairing is only needed for the first time, and both automatic and manual pairing are supported 

Image Device


Wireless Transmission

built-in 2.4G wireless emitter

Transmission Power


Transmission Distance


Operation Frequency

2400 ~ 2483.5MHZ



Effective Pixels

1920(H) X1080(V)

Optical Zoom


Lens Length

4.85 ~ 138.66mm

Aperture Value

1.65(W) ~ 4.70(T)

Horizontal Angle

57.69°(W) ~ 2.2°(T)

Visible Distance


Focalization Mode

Auto focus

IR-Cut Function

Auto Switch

Night Vision Distance


Waterproof Rating


Power Supply

DC10 ~ 32V

Operating Temperature

-20℃ ~  +60℃


5G ( GB-T2423056-2006 standard)


220(W) x 110(H) x 106(D) mm



Have you ever been disturbed by following questions?

Accidents frequantly seen in high altitude operations such as cranes/tower cranes?
Extra personnel needed for blind spot operation and oftenly hard to hear the instructions?

Limited visibility of the driver lowers the operation efficiency? 




STONKAM 1080P 30x  zoom&wireless solution for  crane
We deliver efficiency and allow zero accidents 




Optical 30x zoom

 STONKAM 1080P zoom&wireless crane camera is designed with optical 30x zoom movement, digital anti-shake, and is to be installed at the top of the crane/crane hook to look  down below, in which way the operator can obtain an unobstructed view of the hook, thus the operation is made safer, faster and more accurate. 
Actually the camera makes it possible to respond to any urgent situations on the operation site, such as to avoid blind lifts when the goods are unbalanced or colliding. Such quick moves helps avoid any potential accidents.

Crane Camera



Built-in AI algorithm

Real-time detection of people around the lifting goods in crowded onstruction sites or busy ports reminds the operator of any collision risks.

Crane Zoom Monitoring Camera



Flexible zooming method

Can control zoom-in/out and switch between manual/automatic zooming through a foot switch, improving camera working efficiency.

Zoom camera



Wireless transmission distance as far as 300 meters

Can transmit stable and clear real-time videos wirelessly and for a long distance, fit for various high-altitude operation scenarios, such as cranes .

Crane Camera



4 high-power infrared lights, 50 meter high-definition night vision

Clear vision at night operation.

Crane Zoom Monitoring Camera



IP69K waterproof, workable even in rain and snow

Work under all weather condition, very durable.

Crane Camera



Quick and easy pairing

Support auto pairing. After the first pairing, the camera and the monitor will only need to be powered separately to work together. Even after power disconnection, the minute when the power is reconnected,  the signals can be transmitted automatically.

Zoom camera




STONKAM 1080P 30x zoom&wireless crane camera can realize  long-distance wireless monitoring with high-definition and stable image quality, suitable for high-altitude work scenarios such as crane cargo loading and unloading in ports,  as well as for some other industrial and construction machines.

Tower Crane Monitoring CameraWireless Monitoring Camera

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