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1080P Visual and Ultrasonic Reversing Radar System
(Model:PSA28 FHD639 HD295)
1080P Visual and Ultrasonic Reversing Radar System

STONKAM® 1080P visual and ultrasonic reversing radar system supports four channel sensor input, with wider detection range. It integrates the reversing image, automatic alarming and detected barriers distance to help drivers drive safely, stay away from blind spots and make sure reversing and parking security. The system can be applied to construction machinery, mining machinery, garbage trucks, container trucks, oil tank trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. Click here to learn more about the reversing radar systems.

  • Ultrasonic radar, supporting 4 sensors input with wider detection range and full coverage of blind spots
  • Detecting distance: 0.6~5m
  • Supporting HD video input for reminding the driver to operate in time to avoid obstacles 
  • Visual detection area for displaying detected barriers distance in real time
  • Supportting 1080P HD input and output, and it can be integreated with any rear-view system, MDVR and any other products from STONKAM
  • Supporting external alarming buzzer input
  • Waterproof rating:  IP65(Control Box), IP67 (sensor)
reversing ultrasonic radar
Number Of Sensors 1-4 PCS
Color Of Sensors Black (by default)
Ultrasonic Frequency 40KHz
Detecting Distance 0.60-5.00m (2ft 0in - 16ft 6in)
Best Detecting Distance 0.60-3.00m (2ft 0in - 10ft 0in)
Display Unit M Or FT Optional
Video Resolution 1080P
No. of detection zones
Sound Alarming
Power Supply
Operating Temperature
-20℃~ 70℃ RH95% Max
Storage Temperature
-40℃~ 80℃ RH95% Max
Anti-vibration level ISO16750-3 Max 5.9G

Why do you need to install STONKAM 1080P visual and ultrasonic reversing radar system?

Do you have the following problems?

You need to look around for better vision when reversing, which is very inconvenient.

There are many blind spots in some narrow reversing and parking areas, which causes collision with obstacles.

How to reverse in an efficient, sage and collision free way? 


rader with reversing image

Dont worry, STONKAM 1080P visual and ultrasonic reversing radar system can perfectly solve your problems.

Four detection sensors with the maximum detection distance of 5 meters

STONKAM® 1080P visual and ultrasonic reversing radar system supports four channel of detection sensor input, with wider detection range and full coverage of blind areas. It can accurately detect the distance and position of obstacles in the blind area around vehicle, helping drivers to avoid collisions and scratches in narrow parking areas, avoid collision with small objects such as children, and reducing the possibility of traffic accidents.

reversing rader system

It supports 1080P HD monitor and camera input, displaying reversing image with detection distance overlay in real time

The 1080P HD monitor, with vivid colors, enables drivers to view the surrounding situation around or behind the vehicle even when it is foggy or at night. It can save drivers from checking around the situation when driving. The system can make it easy for reversing by providing a better vision.

radar with reversing image

The alarming buzzer sends sound alarm

When it detects barriers, the buzzer will be automatically triggered to send sound alarming. The system has three optimal detection areas with different alarming sound: 0-0.6m, 0.6-1.5m and 1.5-3m, which can give drivers enough time to take reaction to make sure safe driving. 

vehicle rader

Voice announcement optional

The voice announcement optional with the detection range and distance broadcast to save drivers from checking the monitor.

visual reversing radar


STONKAM® 1080P visual and ultrasonic reversing radar system is used to assist drivers to detect obstacles when reversing or parking, so as to avoid various accidents caused by blind spots. It is widely used in such commercial vehicles as buses, trucks, container trucks, garbage transporters and oil tanks, and also in non-road vehicles such as construction machinery and mining machinery.

Application scenario 1:

Due to the size of such vehicles like logistics transport trucks and engineering machineries, they have many blind spots. Moreover, such a heavy-duty vehicle is relatively difficult to operate, so the driver is prone to scratches and collisions when reversing or parking, resulting in traffic accidents. This system supports four channel of detection sensor input, can cover all the blind spots, fully detect obstacles encountered in the process of reversing, timely warn the driver of danger, and make sure safe driving.

visual reversing radar

Application scenario 2:

Buses, school buses and other vehicles often drive in crowded places, so they are very easy to collide and injure pedestrians when reversing and parking. This system, with a camera and four radar detectors, can visually show the obstacles and pedestrians that the driver may encounter in the process of reversing, provide the driver a better vision, greatly reduce the threat of blind spots.

reversing radar


Installation diagram

 vehicle ultrasonic radarreversing ultrasonic radar

reversing rader

reversing radar with sensor
rader system
reversing rader system
 reversing radar
control box Ultrasonic radar sensor buzzer connecting line

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