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STONKAM® 2017 Excellent Employees 6 Days’ Tour to Thailand


In order to praise the excellent, to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and to thank them for their hard work, from March 14th to 19th, STONKAM® organized a trip to Thailand for 2017 Excellent Employees. 

During the six-day trip, STONKAM®’s excellent employees visited many famous Thai attractions such as the Erawan Shrine, the Rama Raja Grand Palace, the Chocolate Town, Floating Market and many other famous places of interests. They also tasted a variety of tropical fruits, special Thai snacks and a deluxe buffet etc. In addition, they also went to Pattaya Grand Island, known as the “Eastern Little Maldives,” taking a boat trip around the island, leaving aside the unhappiness and enjoying the leisurely holidays.

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