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6CH 1080P HD Waterproof 360 Surround View Panoramic Image System

6CH 1080P HD waterproof 360 surround view panoramic image system: 6CH 195° ultra-wide angle HD cameras input, multiple viewing models with free switching of 3D/2D perspective, are specially designed for articulated buses, cranes, long trailers, container trucks, fire fighting trucks and other super long vehicle. With IP69K waterproof, even if in harsh environments, it could offer 360° panoramic bird view for various vehicles, achieving 360° monitoring without blind spots. With strong recording function, it can offer 512GB+2T SSD large capacity video storage.


  • HD Digital Wireless Quad-view Monitor System

  • Visual Reversing Ultrasonic Blind Spot Detection System

  • 1080P Visual and Ultrasonic Reversing Radar System

  • 1080P 77GHz Millimeter Wave Radar Detection System

  • 7-inch high-definition digital wireless forklift monitoring system


  • Bus Passenger Counting Camera

  • Intelligent Real-time Pedestrian Detection and Alarm Camera

  • Intelligent DMS & ADAS AI Dashcam

  • STONKAM Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

  • 1080P HD AI Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection Camera Based on Deep Learning

  • HD Vehicle Infrared Thermal Camera

  • 1080P Intelligent Real-time Pedestrian & Vehicle Detecting and Warning Camera

  • 1080P HD Intelligent Pedestrian Detection Camera(Rear View)

  • STONKAM Driver Fatigue Monitoring System

  • 1080P HD Intelligent Pedestrian Detection System(Side View)

  • 1080P HD AI Moving Object Detection System


  • AI all-in-one mobile dvr DMS+ADAS+BSD+360+APC algorithms

  • People Counting Camera | Passenger flow statistics algorithms

  • Intelligent 4CH HD MDVR All-in-one Device

  • Intelligent 4CH /8CH HD MDVR Integrated with FCW & DMS System

360° Rundumsicht-System/ Rücksichtsysteme

  • 6CH 1080P HD Waterproof 360 Surround View Panoramic Image System

  • 12.3 inch HD Electronic Mirror Monitor System

  • 9 inch HD vehicle quad-view trucks buses passenger cars reversing image display screen

  • 7 inch automobile reversing monitor buses trucks vehicle image display screen

  • 9 inch HD in-vehicle 4-channel recording monitor system | In-cab monitor | Video recording | STONKAM

  • 3D 360° Around View Driving Assistance System

  • 7 inch HD quad-view vehicle monitor

  • STONKAM: Frozen camera, not freezing the image



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