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360° HD Rundumsicht System
360° HD Rundumsicht System
  • Support 4 x 1080P 190° wide-angle fish-eye camera (Max. 8CH cameras ), horizontal Viewing angle >170°
  • 4 x Max. 128GB SD Cards for recording
  • Simplified calibration
  • 15 seconds prerecord function
  • Image compression: H.264
  • 4CH 1080P / 30fps recording
  • 1080P HD video output
  • Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G optional
  • GPS tracking optional


Video Input Max 8Ch 1080P25/1080P30
Video Display 360° around-view+ 1CH
HD Output 1080P 50/60, AHD 1080P 25/30
AV Output D1, 25/30
Storage Max. 4 x 128G SD Cards
Compression Encoding Max. 8CH 1080P H.264
Decompression Decoding Max. 8CH 1080P H.264
Recording Data Stream 4M/8M
Working Current 8-32V
Working Temperature -20℃-70℃
Operating Humidity 10%-90%

Why 360° Vision System is the Best Choice?
Why 360° Vision System is the Best Choice?

Potential dangers hidden among blind areas.

Possibility of scratching in narrow roads while no one shares the cost.

Situation of racketeer for car accident keeps increasing.

Indeterminate responsibility for rear-end collision.


The sketch of vehicle blind spot

Among all traffic accidents, those caused by blind spots have taken up a great proportion,
which has become a threat to our lives.

1080P HD 360°Around-View System -The sketch of vehicle blind area

It turns out that A, B or C area is not blind area, but lower part of the high vehicle
could actually formulate a blind area.

1080P HD 360°Around-View System The sketch of vehicle blind area

Area A, B, C: Half blind area

Severity of danger depends on the vehicle size.

Area D: Full blind area

Beyond the sight of the driver and 3 rear view mirrors.

Area E:  Full blind area

Pillar A near the windshield hinders the vision, which creats the blind spots.

Truck have blind spots

Due to their size and length, trucks have larger blind spots than the average car. This means truck drivers may not be able to see you. So for everyone’s safety, be cautious when driving next to, or behind a truck – can they see you?

To Be Truck Aware, Come to STONKAM CO.,LTD for a Security Solution.

STONKAM 360° Full HD Around-View System
360° Safe-guard your driving!!!

360° Seamless Stitching

1080P HD 360°Around-View System - 360° Seamless Stitching

Panoramic Image Synthesis

Panoramic image synthesis: rectify distortion of 4CH 1080P FHD image to stitch seamlessly,
render real-time 3D scene, and display the actual driving senario,

and realize the real 360° panoramic bird-view.

1080P HD 360°Around-View System -Panoramic Image Synthesis

1080P Full HD Image

Support 4CH/6CH/8CH,

Support customization of various vehicle requirements.

Support Video Recording, 4× 128GB SD Cards

1080P HD 360°Around-View System -Support Video Recording, 4× 128GB SD Cards
1080P HD 360°Around-View System -Support Video Recording, 4× 128GB SD Cards

Resolution Channels Storage Transmission Rate Recording Time
1920 × 1080 4 4 × 128 GB 4 Mbps 128 Hrs


1080P HD 360°Around-View System -Application
Reverse Parking Side Parking Narrow Road
1080P HD 360°Around-View System - Application
Congested Road Blind Area Diversion Assistance
1080P HD 360°Around-View System - Application
Steep Slope Road Trap Driving Record


Öffentlicher Transport:

4CH 360° HD Rundumsicht System


6CH 360° HD Rundumsicht System



Main Control Box:

Main Harness

Power Cable
Infrared Extension Cable HD Extension Cable

Remote Control

10.1-inch HD Quad-view Monitor:

Sun Shield

U- Support Bracket (Optional)

Center Mount Bracket (Optional)

Angle Adjustment Screws (Optional)
Power Cable

IR Remote Control

Side View Camera:

Camera Bracket
4P Extension Cable

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