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10,1 Zoll HD Quad-Splitter Kamerasystem
(Model:HD291D, HD639, HD086)
10,1 Zoll HD Quad-Splitter Kamerasystem
Features of HD Monitor: 
  •  Support 4CH x 1080P or 720P cameras 
  •  System format: 720P、1080P、NTSC/PAL 
  •  Multiple camera image display mode 
  •  Trigger priority 
  •  Auto scan, scan channel and time can be set according to the users demand 
  •  Touch screen available, can recognize left and right side "swipe" to realize channel switching 
  •  Support level 5 LCD manual backlight adjustment ,level 3 automatic adjustment 
  •  Contrast: 600:1 
  •  Resolution: 1024*600 
  •  Brightness: 600cd/m2 
  •  DC: 10-32V 
  •  Easy installation and convenient operation, with innovative functions 
  •  Applicable to indoor / outdoor security systems, vehicle and ship surveillance
 Features of HD Camera:  
  •  Resolution:1080P/720P 
  •  Flexible installation: Can be mounted on rear, front, or either side of vehicles 
  •  Waterproof, shatterproof protection level equals to IP69K.Anti-vibration level equals to 5.9g 
  •  Clear picture even at night due to sensor of low illumination and good performance, and IR led lights 
  •  Performs in rugged conditions. Operating temperature: -20ºC +70ºC 
  •  Mirror/ Normal image switch  
  •  25 frames / 30 frames selectable 
  •  with audio 
  •  Lens angle: 130°, 110° 
  •  IR-CUT optional, effectively avoid color aberration in daylight. eg. shooting green plant in high fidelity in the daylight 
  •  Waterproof and weather resistant housing for outdoor use 

10,1 Zoll HD Quad-Splitter Kamerasystem


Description HD 10.1" Quad-View Color monitor
Resolution 1024 x 3(RGB) x 600
Anti-vibration ISO 16750-3 Max. 6.3G
Maximum Number of Cameras 4
Audio input 4
Audio output (loudspeaker) 1W
VGA input 1
DVD input 1
Trigger 5
Max. Brightness 600 cd/m²
Contrast 600:1
Minimum Operating Temperature -20ºC, RH 90%
Maximum Operating Temperature +70ºC, RH 90%
Viewing Angle Monitor U: 85/ D: 85, R/L: 85/85 
Mirror Function  Yes
Monitor Diameter (mm) 267mm (W) × 159.5mm (H) × 30mm (T).
Split Screen Yes
Volts 10-32V
Consumption less than 12W (without cameras)


STONKAM 10,1 Zoll HD Quad-Splitter Kamerasystem - AnwendungenspanSTONKAM 10,1 Zoll HD Quad-Splitter Kamerasystem - Anwendungenspan

Sun Shield
U- Support Bracket
Angle Adjustment Screws
Center Mount Bracket
Power Cable

IR Remote Control
Extension Cable

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